Track your tax refunds with Reconcile

and a bunch of other updates to share!

Hey everyone, happy hump day! Feels great to be in the last few days of gloomy winter and so close to sunny spring. I have a saying, “humans are like sunflowers” which is why I’m even more excited for all of us to start going outside and to enjoy a bit of normalcy once again.

Since we last checked in earlier last month, we’ve accomplished some big milestones, learned a ton from you all, and built additional features to make your lives a bit easier.


Onboarded 81 of you onto our private Reconcile beta in the last month. So far, we’ve heard mainly great feedback!


Some of you had issues with Reconcile alerting you about your refunds or with linking your bank accounts. We’ve introduced fixes to these problems in our latest version (v1.0.4), so we’ll be better prepared to address these issues as they come up now.

We kept hearing how much more automated you want Reconcile, so we’re refocusing our efforts on this exactly. Our initial step to solving this is to keep learning about the automation you NEED desperately. You’ll see an ability to ‘create your own custom tracker’ within the app, which will allow you to directly push your personalized automation to our engineering team.

New Features

Since we’re in the middle of tax season, we thought it would be awesome if Reconcile could automatically track our refunds and let us know the minute they come into our account! Just make sure you’ve linked your checking account with Reconcile, and we’ll send you an alert as soon as we see your IRS and state refunds come in.

Also, we created an easy way for you to personalize the trackers that you want in your life! All you have to do is create a custom tracker using the chatbot and our engineering team will work to build this automation for you right away! You can see the status of your custom tracker as well as all available trackers in our library, located in the settings.

Looking Ahead

We’re laser-focused on solving your core problems around managing your money. We understand that unless you can afford a full-time financial manager, you have to self-manage your finances, which means staying on top of all your accounts constantly. This is a lifestyle that we need to move away from and instead rely on automated technology to do the work for us!

Thanks for being our early adopters!

Jaimin Desai - CEO & Co-Founder of Reconcile